Do you want to know how transport is related to mobility, health and society? You’ve come to the right place.

In this site I collect the results of my research on this topic, and other resources.

This site is also the home of:

  • The MATHS blog: ideas about Mobility, Active Travel, Health, and Society.
  • The Walk Around The World catalogue, collecting facts and experiences of walking in cities in various countries. Check if your city is already there!

Who am I?

I am an interdisciplinary researcher at University College London (UCL). I am interested in the links between transport, mobility, health, and society.

I have worked on topics such as pedestrians, equity, accessibility, liveability, travel behaviour, and the social, environmental, health, and wellbeing impacts of transport and mobility. Learn more about my research on all these topics here and download my publications here.

My research has been inter-sectoral, international, and interdisciplinary, with a policy focus and engagement with non-academic stakeholders. Most of my research since 2015 has been in collaboration with universities, companies, governments, and associations across Europe.

My research has produced many outputs that can be directly used by practitioners and members of the public, such as guidebooks and interactive tools.

My research has been covered by more than 200 newspapers and other media around the world.

I won the UCL Excellence in Health Research Prize 2019, awarded by UCL to recognise excellent research in population health.

Apart from doing research, I supervise students in two master programmes (Transport, and Economics and Policy of Energy and Environment). I am also in the supervision panel of a PhD student in the UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health and I am a mentor of another PhD student in the UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP), under the B-Mentor Mentoring Scheme.

I am also an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead at the UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources.

I am engaged in the work of several professional associations. I am currently in the:

I am in the editorial board of the Journal of Transport and Health and of Wellbeing, Space and Society.

I regularly work as a private consultant, mostly in projects for economic valuation of aspects of transport and the environent. I have worked on projects for governments, transport authorities, and companies in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

I also work as evaluator for research, innovation, and public investment projects funded by the European Union. I am a member of the European Science Foundation College of Expert Reviewers, through which I evaluate research proposals in several European countries. I review a lot of papers for a lot of journals, but my favourites are the Journal of Transport and Health and Active Travel Studies.

I also enjoy reviewing books and I am a regular contributor to the LSE Review of Books.

I am a honorary researcher at the Research Unit on Complexity and Economics of Lisbon University.

In no particular order, I am a Londoner, an immigrant, and a citizen of Portugal, the European Union, and the World.