Book reviews

I often write reviews of books. It’s unpaid work but it’s still rewarding because it’s fun, I get to know things, and I get the book for free from the publisher. Books are also better than academic papers because they are written for readers, not for reviewers. There’s also something subversive about reading printed books while everyone else is staring at their phones.

My reviews have been published in several academic journals. I am also a regular contributor to the LSE Review of Books. My reviews are not only about transport. I like to read and write about other things, especially local and global environmental problems.

Reviews in journals

Transportation and Public Health – An Integrated Approach to Policy, Planning, and Implementation (Book Review). Journal of Transport and Health 30: 101584. (2023)

Transport and Children’s Wellbeing (Book Review). Journal of Transport and Health 26: 101465 (2022)

Antarcticness (Book Review). Polar Geography 45, 240-241 (2022)

Slow Cities – Conquering Our Speed Addiction for Health and Sustainability (Book Review). Urban Studies. 59, 2601–2604. (2022)

Spaces of Congestion and Traffic (Book review). Journal of Transport Geography 91, 102966. (2021)

Non-motorized Transport Integration into Urban Transport Planning in Africa (Book Review). Journal of Transport Geography 70, 275-276. (2018)

Urban Mobility and Poverty: Lessons from Medellín and Soacha, Colombia (Book Review). Journal of Transport Geography 42, 188. (2015)

Reviews in the LSE Review of Books

A Handbook for Wellbeing Policy-Making (Book Review) (2022)

Under Construction – Technologies of Development in Urban Ethiopia (Book Review) (2020)

Governing Compact Cities: How to Connect Planning, Design and Transport (Book Review). (2018)

Justice and Fairness in the City: A Multidisciplinary Approach to ‘Ordinary’ Cities (Book Review). (2017)

What is Environmental History? (Book Review). (2016)

Achieving Environmental Justice: a cross-national analysis (Book Review). (2014)

Rights of Way to Brasília Teimosa: The Politics of Squatter Settlement (Book Review). (2014)

Visual Pollution: Advertising, Signage and Environmental Quality (Book Review). (2014)

Reviews in associations’ websites

Walking in the European City: Quotidian Mobility and Urban Ethnography (Book Review) Urban Geography Research Group Book Reviews 2014.

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