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My research has been reported in the general and specialized media in several countries. Some articles cover the results of papers and reports. Others are interviews I gave to the media.

If you’re a journalist and want to talk about transport & health, active travel, walking, streets, cities, and other topics you see in this website, do get in touch.

Examples of coverage of my research

inews, 29-10-2022, Roads in the UK are so congested that they are making us less healthy and more lonely

The Independent, 05-01-2023, Travelling to see family and friends good for health

Sky News, 05-01-2023, Better transport options linked to greater health and wellbeing

CTV  News (Canada), 05-01-2023, New study finds link between accessible transport and general health

Medical News Today, 10-01-2023, How might traveling benefit health

Rail Magazine, 14-01-2023, Research cites poor transport as cause of social exclusion

Zag Daily, 02-05-2023, UCL report maps best spots for microhubs in London

Evening Standard, 03-05-2023, Property giant British Land gets green light for urban logistics hub in Paddington

Placemaking Resource, 30-05-2023, Promoting last mile delivery of goods sustainably

The National (United Arab Emirates), 29-05-2016, How walkability is taking strides in the UAE

…and 217 other publications around the world, in 19 different languages, including:

The Times

The Telegraph

Herald Scotland

The National (Scotland)

The Statesman (India)

Jerusalem Post

Time Out

..and many more

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