Journal articles

1. Articles in peer reviewed journals

Anciaes, P., Metcalfe, P. (2023) Constraints to travel outside the local area: effect on social participation and health. Journal of Transport and Health 28: 101535.

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2. Articles in non-peer reviewed publications

Anciaes, P. (2018) People and places: at the frontier of transport appraisal. Local Transport Today 760: 24.

Anciaes, P., Jones, P. M. (2018) The valuation of community severance caused by busy roads. Transport Economists Journal 45(2), 18-31.

Anciaes, P. (2018) Métodos para entender mejor la caminabilidad y el efecto barrera. In L. Sagaris (Ed.) Redes Comunitarias Y Transporte – De La Ruptura a La Integración., p.7-9. In Spanish.

Anciaes, P. (2013) Rethinking the death of the railway in the Portuguese countryside. Transport and Mobility in Rural Areas in the Context of Demographic Change, Band 14 (2013), 45-57. Institut Verkehr und Raum, Erfurt, Germany.

Anciaes, P. (2000) 経済統合下での欧州運輸政策 – トランスヨーロッピアン 交通ネットワークを例にして [Transport policy in integrated economies – The case of the Trans-European Network]. 運輸政策研究 [Transport Policy Studies Review] 3, 48-51. In Japanese.

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